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Monday, January 09, 2017
By Dalton Lane Portrait Co.
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I hate resolutions. LOATHE them! They're the worst and I don't keep them. But alas, I have made one. Nothing specific. Just to be the best ME possible. For the past nearly two years many of you have been a wonderful and uplifting wealth of support. Even when I was going through some of the hardest times of my life, and I know it was affecting my business in every way possible, you guys stuck with me. And I can not thank you enough for that. I truly can not. Its been a journey, at times a very very difficult one, but I love where it has led me. You can read more about that, if you choose, I'm actually quite boring, over at my personal blog The Tipsy Gypsy. Beware I started it last year and never followed up, see a pattern? I do plan to work more on it, Ive learned how helpful it is to just get it all out. More about that over there, HERE here we're here for the pretties! So back to that NOT resolution to be the best me. Its putting love back into what I do, and seriously y'all I LOVE WHAT I DO, so here we go....

 I photographed a whole years worth of photoshoots and never blogged the first dang one! WHAT THE HECK YALL! That leads me here. Until our first Roadshow at the end of March I will be blogging all of our session, revisiting clients, sharing their displays. And maybe adding a little more artist spin to old sessions. These will jump around a lot, no particular order. So I hope you will join me as I visit some of my favorite sessions!

Charleston South Carolina.. I was supposed to make my stop here the previous October but Mother Nature had different plans. And I love what we crated there!  First up is Sweet Chloe! This was my second time photographing this beautiful girl and I was so excited for her mama to let me know they would be joining us on Edisto Island all the way from Boston! However that 13 hour drive makes for a very tired and restless girl. Thankfully after a FaceTime with her Daddy to make her feel better and some sea turtle searching, Chloe was ready to bring our Bohemian Beach dream to life! And did she ever! I adore this session and the beautiful simplicity of it!  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
By Jessica Sharpe
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I am a self admitted terrible blogger! I don't dislike doing it, Im just bad at remembering to do it! So here we are nearly at the end of 2015, and I am trying to be better! 

So, lets get started! 


Two years ago this week a Mama and her sweet three year old walked into my warehouse studio for a photography session. 

It went great, when they left I cried. I cried and cried. This mama and her babies (And Mama C) drove from another state for me to photograph her daughter. 

I was speechless and blown away. It is still one of my favorite sessions to date. 

That mama is now so much more than a client. I am blessed to call Heather a friend.

And I have got to watch that sweet shy three year old bloom into a kindhearted spitfire of a five year old! 

Last year I went to their farm in Chatsworth GA and photographed sweet Emmie, and a half dozen friends, with her pony Sparkles. 

At that time we planned another upcoming unicorn session because Sparkles was expecting a baby! 

Hello baby unicorns! 

We had plans for 6 clients to join us for a beautifully planned photo session, and we waited! 

Unfortunately, there was complications and sparkles and her precious baby didn't make it. 

We were al devastated for Emmie & Heather.

Heather being the mother she is, wouldn't leave her baby heartbroken for long. 

She went on a mission to find another love for Emmie! 

I was worried because any animal after Sparkles had "some big hooves to fill" she was so gentle and loving. 

But she did it. And in June we photographed our 2nd set of sessions at Chicken Creek in Chatsworth GA. 

With Sparky the Pony.


Emmie & Sparkles 2014 and Emmie & Sparky 2015


Chicken Creek made for the perfect setting with a sweet rope swing and this beautiful backdrop!

This was Mia's second year attending the Unicorn sessions, its so incredible to get to watch these little loves change from year to year!  


Last year little CeeCee was so frightened of the horse. So this year we opted to avoid upsetting her, and just getting some shots maybe with him in the background. 

But before we knew it, we had this! And I know her mom loves it as much as I do!!


Spunky Alexis has now had three sessions with me and I just love this gal! She is always a ton of fun and has such a sweet spirit!


Alyx had planned a photo session with me last year, unfortunately we were able to get our schedules together to work out. 

So I had been waiting a year to get her beautiful Elle in front of my camera! And my favorite image of her, is one that was posed in the slightest. 

She was swinging waiting her turn on the pony, but I love how this turned out so much!! 


Lastly, these sisters! I love a good sister shot, bc lets face it, is there anything better than being a sister?

Lisa, their mother, was hoping for a shot with the setting sun, and I love it!! 


Thank you ladies so much for letting me capture these times in your little ones lives! And thanks for stopping by Dalton Lane Portrait Co.