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Why do I get a Limited Print Release?

With our sessions we have found parents were spending time and money on Gift Prints (8x12 and smaller) 

In the end not getting the canvases, wall portraits, and albums they wanted for their own home. 

With a limited print release clients are able to print the gift prints they want for grandparents, friends, and family. 

While still being able to get the quality canvases, wall portraits, and albums we offer, that reflect their choice 

to invest in custom photography. 


I have two children, what is the cost?

All 2016 VIP Sessions include up to three children.  


What is the average turn around time?

The average turn around time for session completion is 8-12 weeks from the return of the roadshow. 

VIP Sessions are available within 10days.



Do you provide wardrobe?

While many of our clients come with extensive closets of their own, we have an ever expanding

collection of items to help bring your vision to life! 

Including many One of A Kind items designed exclusively for Dalton Lane. 



Do you offer Mentoring / Workshops?

No. Sadly that isn't something we have found beneficial to our business at this time, 

but we never say never!


Will you edit this image I took of my son/daughter/sister's cousin's baby?


While I am a digital artist, I am a photographer first and foremost. 

Editing and or altering someone else's image isn't something we feel comfortable offering. 


Can I buy your digital backdrops?


Man, I'm starting to sound no fun! 

Each of our storybook images are hand created so that no two are the same.